• Guy Gavriel Kay (CA)


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    An ethereal tale set in an illustrious and ancient corner of the world, Ysabel is a remarkable achievement by one of Canada's most celebrated storytellers.

    The Cathedral of Saint-Sauveur of Aix-en-Provence is from a bygone age. Complex and full of secrets, it is the perfect monument for a celebrated photographer to shoot. For his teenaged son, Ned Marriner, it is a fascinating place to explore, but he soon discovers that the cathedral stands upon ancient ground. Long ago, when the roads of Provence were walked by Celtic tribes and Roman legions, the land was plagued by warfare--and the past is still very much alive here. On one sacred, haunted night of the year, when the borders between the living and the dead disappear and fires are lit upon the hills, Ned finds himself drawn into an age-old story. A story in which dangerous, mythic figures erupt into the present, claiming and altering lives forever.