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    Double Dare

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    Identical twins, Delaney and Desiree Dare, were flying to England to visit their maternal grandmother, their only living relative. They were tired from touring with their band, Double Dare and were looking forward to some time off and relaxing for a few weeks.


    Tragedy strikes on the way to the airport when their taxi slides off the road resulting in a fatal accident. One of the twins dies on scene. The surviving twin wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. For one twin, life ends. For the other twin, the nightmare begins.


    Unable to confirm the identity of the surviving twin the question remains,


    "Who is Dee Dare?"


    They call her Dee Dare - but it's only a name. She was a stranger to herself. "Your past is what makes you who you are. I have no past. I am nobody." Dee felt like she was in purgatory wondering who she was. Every day she prayed that her brain would release the block that was keeping her memories locked away. What was she so afraid to remember?