• Linda Rakos

    Hidden Secrets

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    You wake up every morning and expect your day to be like every other day. You don't wake up knowing this day will be different. There is no sense of dread. In a heartbeat it changes and your life crumbles around you. Kit Bennett thought all the drama was buried with her mother. It was just moved to the attic. It was there that Kit found the journals that revealed hidden secrets and hurtful lies. The walls seemed to close in around her and for a brief moment her world stopped. In her shaking hands she held her birth certificate. It was time to reveal her mother's betrayal. How could any mother lie and tell her child that her father died before she was born when he was still alive? A secret kept from both daughter and father. Even if the odds were insurmountable, Kit had to try to find her father. Kit was aware of fate. You can never anticipate it and it can ambush you without warning.