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    Dinosaur Club: Saving the Stegosaurus

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    Travel back in time to the world of the dinosaurs! Children will be inspired to discover the prehistoric world with these character-driven adventure stories for children aged 5 to 7 years old.

    Travel through time to the world of the dinosaurs in this exciting prehistoric fiction series for children.
    Jamie has just moved to Ammonite Bay, a stretch of coastline famed for its fossils. He’s a member of the Dinosaur Club—a network of kids around the world who share dinosaur knowledge, help each other identify fossils, post new dino discoveries, and talk about all things prehistoric. Jamie is exploring Ammonite Bay when he meets Tess, another member of Dinosaur Club who lives in Ammonite Bay. Tess shows Jamie her favorite place—a secret cave with fossils all over the walls. But what’s that strange tunnel at the back? Together they go through the tunnel and they discover some dinosaur footprints. Jamie and Tess walk along them…and the two new friends discover they have traveled back to the time of the dinosaurs!
    It’s amazing, but dangerous, too—and they’ll definitely need help from the Dinosaur Club…
    In this adventure, Jamie and Tess find themselves caught in a terrible storm. During the chaos, a stegosaurus egg is swept away downriver. It’s up to Jamie and Tess to recover the egg and return it to its mother before it’s too late!