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    Dinosaur Club: Tracking the Diplodocus

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    Travel back in time on a prehistoric journey to the world of the dinosaurs! 

    Dive into an exciting Jurassic world and travel back in time with the Dinosaur Club. These character-driven dinosaur books explore different dinosaur species through a thrilling adventure story. 

    Meet Jamie, a member of the Dinosaur Club. They are a network of kids around the world who love to share dinosaur knowledge, help identify fossils, post dino discoveries, and chat about all things prehistoric. Jamie has just moved to Ammonite Bay, a stretch of coastline famous for its fossils. He is busy exploring when he discovers some dinosaur footprints and is transported back to the time of the dinosaurs! It sounds like Jamie needs some help from the Dinosaur Club when he comes across a troubled Diplodicus… 

    This collection of exciting dinosaur stories:

    - Introduces core nonfiction to children who prefer stories, but are packed with exciting dinosaur facts
    - Beautifully illustrated line art accompanied by expertly written text
    - Includes reference spreads to extend childrens’ interest in these fascinating prehistoric creatures
    - Features all the latest dinosaur information and up-to-date discoveries
    - Reference material solidifies each narrative, including timelines, quizzes, fact files, and glossaries

    Dinosaur Club: Tracking the Diplodocus will take your child on a Jurassic adventure as they learn about the Diplodocus dinosaur species through fun facts, timelines and quizzes. 

    Little ones can learn about the prehistoric world with the Dinosaur Club collection of character-driven adventure stories for children aged 5-7 years old. 

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