• Mary Amato

    The Final Goal

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    In this thrilling conclusion to the Star Striker series, Albert and his team face the final round of the interplanetary soccer tournament—but with the Zeenods’ freedom on the line, it’s no game.

    As Albert and the Zeenods prepare for their final games in the interplanetary soccer tournament, Albert knows he should feel like he’s already won. He loves soccer, and he and his teammates have survived constant danger. But instead, it’s more like the ground is falling out from under him—literally.

    In order to win, Albert must face his fear of drowning when he learns the game takes place on a hostile planet where fissures split the field wide open. But in order to expose the Tev’s war crimes, he’ll have to take on trouble much deeper than any underground river . . . all with Zeenod enemies still trying to kill him.

    Will Albert and his friends be able to land a score against a team—and empire—that has taken everything from them? Or will everyone he cares about wind up the biggest losers in the galaxy?

    Action-packed, yet filled with humor and heart, the final book of Mary Amato’s Star Striker series combines a sci-fi sports story with powerful social justice themes for a satisfying, high-stakes conclusion.