• JP Coovert

    Maker Comics: Draw a Comic!

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    Maker Comics is the ultimate DIY guide. Inside JP Coovert's graphic novel you will find illustrated instructions for seven comic book projects!

    The International Comics Library is in a lot of trouble! If Maggie can’t come up with $500,000 in a week, Dr. Carl is going to bulldoze her grandfather’s library and turn it into a parking lot! To save the day, she’ll need all her comic drawing skills, the loyal library watchdog, and her new assistant (that’s you!).

    With Maker Comics: Draw a Comic! you'll learn to create and print your own comics books! Follow these simple steps to sketch out your story ideas and ink a comic page. Learn which art supplies are best for drawing comics—you can use a pen, a brush, or even a computer! With the help of photocopy machine, you can even self-publish your own comics and share them with your friends!

    In this book you will learn how to:
    write a comic script
    draw a comic strip
    draw and print a one-page comic
    create thumbnail sketches
    pencil a comic
    ink a comic
    print and bind a multi-page comic