• Ruth A. Musgrave

    Little Kids First Board Book: Weather

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    Vibrant photos and lively text introduce the littlest kids to the weather they experience every day, including rain, clouds, sunshine, snow, and more!

    These sturdy pages showcase everyday weather with bold photos, super simple facts, and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers--and their grown-ups--engaged.

    Designed to be the stepping-stone to the best-selling National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, the Little Kids First Board Book series takes similar subjects and distills them down to the simplest nonfiction concepts for the youngest audience. Not only will readers learn about several different kinds of weather, they can also find recurring shapes and patterns in the art, while adults can be on the lookout for occasional funny commentary. Sidebar text offers additional learning for older siblings or those ready for more complex information. With a square shape, bright and playful design, awesome photography, clear text, and cues to encourage interactive learning, the Little Kids First Board Books mirror the beloved First Big Books while taking a fresh approach to excite a young one's sense of wonder and make learning about nature and science fun.