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    The Circle

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    Discover how the power of one simple wish can transform your entire life with this “brilliant and practical” (Deepak Chopra) guide, featuring a new and accessible workbook.

    One carefully crafted wish can serve as a match that ignites lasting change in your life. With The Circle, you will learn how to develop your inherent intuition and to create everything you want in your life.

    Dreaming about the future does not need to remain a mere fantasy; thinking about the things you want brings them into the present moment and allows you to make room for them to flourish in your life. Laura Day’s instructions are simple, yet profound: “Pretend that your wish has come true. Feel your ‘New Reality,’ taste it, smell it, see it, think it, remember it, hear it.” When you hold an intention in your mind and in your heart, you are inviting it to come into your life. You’re actualizing it. You’re making its presence known to the universe. You’re making it happen. You’re ready.