• Brent Nichols

    Dark Island: A Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure

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    What is Tanathos, and why will a mysterious cult kill to find it? Armed with the remnant of a burned map, Colleen Garman is in the Dutch East Indies, trying to solve the mystery of Tanathos. But the South Pacific in the 1920s is a dangerous place, and the cult is hot on her heels. From a rooftop chase in Java to a showdown in the jungle on an isolated island, she's fighting for her life and trying to stay one step ahead of the cult. The stakes have never been higher. The cult wants to open a portal and let a mad ancient god loose in the world. And Colleen knows the danger is real. The malevolent god has started invading her mind... Isolated and betrayed, faced with murder and mayhem, Colleen is in the fight of her life. She will need every scrap of courage, every shred of ingenuity, every steam-powered gadget she can devise, if she is ever going to make it off of Dark Island with her life - and her soul.