• Martin Handford

    Where's Waldo? The Great Games Speed Search

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    Think you can beat a friend at finding Waldo? Challenge accepted! The spotlight is on sports, games, and contests in another adrenaline-pumping special-format adventure.

    Eyes in focus? Wearing your lucky shirt? Let the games begin! In a second book of speed-search adventures, Waldo summons fans to go head-to-head with each other or to race solo against the clock. Just open the book perfectly flat, with your opponent sitting opposite—or your self-timer at the ready—and zero in on one side of an action-filled spread. Find Waldo among zany games, super sports, and comical contests, from a heated soccer match to a high-flying show of dragon aerobatics, and watch out for some truly surprising twists. This Waldo challenge designed for dual searches promises endless rounds of brain-boosting fun.