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    Anxious Little Monsters

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    Control Your Anxiety and Loneliness with Cute Little Monsters Struggling with the Same Things You Are Anxious Little Monsters is a friendly little book containing cute monster illustrations, affirmations, and encouragement for those facing mental health challenges.
    An antidote for a society riddled with loneliness. Even though advancing technology has allowed people to connect in ways once unimaginable, we are lonelier than ever. It can be difficult to find a place in our fast-paced world, and it's easy to think that we're the only ones going through a hard time. As a result, anxiety is on the rise. Enter: Anxious Little Monsters . The positive affirmations in this book, in the form of hand-drawn, adorable anxious monsters, meet your anxiety where it's at and offer a helping hand for getting through it and attaining mental wellness and peace of mind.
    The gentle reminders you need and deserve. If anxiety is a formidable presence in your life, you know that sometimes it can feel like a losing battle. But these monsters are here to teach you to change your perspective and take things easy. They offer words of affirmation to remind you that you're not alone - they're struggling with the same things you are. Author and professional illustrator Verity Crosswell crafts each cute little monster to be a soothing reassurance that helps you feel cared for and understood. When it comes to mental health resources, this book is one that you can turn to again and again. Open it up and learn more about:
    • Listening to your natural mental and emotional cycles • Actionable steps you can take to get through the low points of anxiety and mood disorders • How to share what you're feeling with loved ones so they can understand and support you If you enjoyed books like You Can Do All Things, The Big Activity Book for Anxious People, How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad), or G'morning, G'night, then you'll love Verity Crosswell's Anxious Little Monsters .