• Roshani Chokshi

    Once More Upon a Time

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    Immerse yourself a highly unusual fairy tale by New York Times bestselling author Roshani Chokshi.

    Once upon a dream, there was a prince named Ambrose
    and a princess named Imelda who loved each other...
    But alas, no more.
    "What a witch takes, a witch does not give back!"
    their friends and family warn.
    They resign themselves to this loveless fate...
    A year and a day pass.
    And then their story truly begins...

    Embark on a perilous journey with Imelda and Ambrose as they brave magical landscapes and enchanted creatures on their quest to reclaim their heart's desire...But first they must remember what that is...

    Perfect for readers looking for:
  • A fresh, magical fairy tale
  • Love so strong, it breaks a witch's curse
  • An enchanting world to escape to
  • A delightful cast of magical characters
  • Compelling storytelling from a beloved, bestselling fantasy author
  • Praise for Roshani Chokshi:
    "Reading Chokshi's prose is like sinking deeply into a plush, purple velvet sofa...lavish descriptions wrap you insumptuous sensory detail."—New York Times
    "Vivid and lovely writing."—Entertainment Weekly