• Lorna Stuber

    Debt-Free at Forty-Three: How I Achieved Financial Freedom in My 40s Through Smart Saving, Spending, and Investing

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    Managing your personal finances is increasingly complicated and stressful. The cost of living keeps rising, and so do personal debt loads. Financial freedom may seem like it's out of reach-especially long before the magical retirement age of 65-but it doesn't have to be.


    Lorna Stuber outlines the strategies and tricks she has used for more than 30 years to become debt-free and to make money management a rewarding challenge. She supplements these tips with personal anecdotes and examples, including how to maximize a Las Vegas jackpot win! The first challenge is to change your mindset and think of money management as a competition with yourself-a game of sorts. Then, by creating small goals and working towards them, you can relieve stress while paying down debt and building your savings one drop in the bucket at a time.


    This book presents tips for the average person with limited money management knowledge. Readers will learn about paying down debt, being scrupulous with spending, saving for big expenses and retirement, and making the most of investments and tax credits.


    Financial freedom requires sacrifice, but with the right approach, the sacrifice can be rewarding.