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    “Hi, I’m Derrick Clough, and I wrote this book about leadership because so many people get it wrong. After reading Leadersh*t, you’ll do less, accomplish more, and your people will thank you for it. Cut down the meetings. Quit measuring everyone to death. Don’t try to implement every great idea you have. Sound crazy? Yes, but it works.”

    Derrick Clough grew up on a horse ranch near Vancouver, and never gave up his cowboy boots, even as an executive with one of North America's biggest banks, where he earned a reputation as a maverick and a straight-shooter. He rose quickly through the ranks, recognized as a gifted people leader who could tackle challenges head-on and deliver outstanding results.

    In this book, Derrick shares his people-focused leadership approach in the insightful and entertaining way his people have come to know and love. With colourful examples from sports, history and Hollywood, you’ll learn practical ways to win the hearts and minds of your staff, and achieve your business goals.

    In short, easy-to-read chapters, Derrick shares what he's learned over 15 years in an executive leadership role, responsible for a multi-billion-dollar book of business and 200 to 300 staff. Topics include:

    - Why you don’t need 100% buy-in from your people to get things done
    - The right way to deliver tough messages, and exit people if needed
    - Addressing mental health issues in the workplace
    - How to make the best of a crisis

    - Managing Millennials

    Never heard of a ‘sh*t sandwich’ or ‘sh*t twinkie?’ You will. This isn’t a scholarly tome by someone who’s never run a business. Leadersh*t is a straight-talking, practical guide that will help you deliver results, and earn the trust and respect of the people you lead.

    Tired of micromanaging your people, or being micromanaged yourself? Do you want engaged confident managers who will rise to the challenge and deliver for you? Then this book is for you.

    Caution: Contains salty language.