• Shaelyn Case

    One Side of the Wall: The Partner Assignment (Book 1)

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    Every Oxbow citizen is paired with their future mate based on a compatibility test they take at the age of 9.

    The Partner Assignment.

    Unfortunately I am paired with William Inch, the Dwarf Kid. It’s been 8 years since Partner Assignment Day… 8 years of indifference between us.

    It is Year 149, after the end of the world. I’m an Outsider in Oxbow City, entrapped by concrete walls of water to keep the dangers out and its elite citizens protected, controlled, and brainwashed. When I witness something life threatening, something that makes me question our timeline regarding the end of the world, I must use my connection to Will and create a fake relationship between us to avoid being arrested. Our Partnership, and the Partner Assignment system, will be tested in our quest for answers.

    In our journey to find the truth, can Will and I survive the threats within the city and what lies beyond?

    Trigger Warnings: Violence, references to rape, and coarse language. I recommend this book to a 14+ audience and reader discretion is advised.

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