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    The Tech Solution

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    A Harvard-trained psychiatrist and mom of three gives parents and educators the tech habits children need to achieve their full potential--and a six-step plan to put them into action.

    You may have picked up on some warning signs: The more your nine-year-old son plays video games, the more distracted and irritable he becomes. Or maybe comparing her life to others on social media is leaving your teenaged daughter feeling down. Then there are the questions that are always looming: Should I limit screen time? Should I give my eleven-year-old an iPhone?

    The Tech Solution is a to-the-point resource for parents and educators who want the best approach for raising kids in our digital world. It outlines all you need to know about the short-term and potential long-term consequences of tech use. It also offers practical advice for tackling specific concerns in the classroom or at home, whether it's possible tech addiction, anxiety, cyberbullying, or loneliness. With her six-step plan for rebalancing your family's tech diet, Dr. Kang will help your child build healthy habits and make smart choices to maximize the benefits of tech and minimize its risks.