• Dustin Lynx

    An Aid Climber's Guide to the Back of the Lake

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    This is perhaps the most esoteric guidebook ever written. By your reading this description, it speaks to the fact that you likely have a screw loose and should have your head checked! Well, if you’re a rock climber and interested in a five star, all-inclusive trip to spend a week aid climbing, this book is for you! This guide ‘booklet’ looks at the popular Back of the Lake climbing area near Lake Louise, Alberta, (Canada) through the lens of easy to moderate aid climbing. So, if you need time to get back into this dark art of climbing before some epic big wall expedition, or simply want a convenient place to flounder, you should read on. I only need to convince about a quarter million people to try aid climbing and buy this book and I’ll be set! Just kidding. I’ve spent several years honing my aid climbing skills in this gorgeous location in preparation for other climbs, like in Zion and Yosemite. Aid climbing is a necessary part of most big wall routes unless you’re Alex Honnold. The quartzite crags at the Back of Lake are more solid than granite and as colourful as a rainbow. Most of the climbs are easily accessed by a flat 2km hike around the postcard-like Lake Louise. I’m no professional photographer but my friends describe the colour photos in the book as ‘descriptive’ and ‘adequate.’ Really, their praise is overwhelming. While I’ve been climbing most of my life, aid climbing is something relatively new to me. I put this booklet together because I thought someone else might enjoy knowing about what a treasure this area is for aid climbing. There’s even new route potential across the lake. Hope you enjoy it!