• Kevin Sylvester (CA)

    Hat Tricked (Hockey Super Six)

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    A very special group of kids must save the world with – what else? – HOCKEY!

    Meet six kids a lot like you. Except . . .

    . . . Benny, Jenny, Karl, Starlight, DJ and Mo got zapped in an evil plot gone wrong — and they became the super-est team the world has ever seen.

    Lucky thing, because they have to face off against their toughest foe yet — a hockey-loving, nuclear . . . BUNNY! Yep, a Sizematron-enhanced gigantic (and gigantically evil) rabbit. Can they use their hockey superpowers to overpower the power-hungry bunny? Find out in this third action-packed, laugh-a-minute book in the Hockey Super Six series.

    Short chapters packed with action and jokes keep kids gripped, and wondering how the Super Six will win the day. Loads of images and cartoons mixed in with the text keep the read light and fun.