• Jody Carrington (CA)

    Feeling Seen

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    Disconnection has become an epidemic, and it may require a revolutionary effort to get us back togethera reconnection revolution. 

    Staying connected in this human race is the most direct route to happiness. But never have we been more disconnected. A call to simply connect isn’t enough any longer. Connection is what we’re wired for, and it can be easy: waving at your neighbour, going on that second date, buying coffee for the person behind you. The hard part comes when we are called on to reconnect, to repair or re-engage, especially after we’ve been wronged, alienated or hurt. We all desperately want to get it right, but this requires another step, which is the magic each of us so often misses: the act of seeing. As simple as it is complex, it all comes down to this truth: when we’re feeling seen, we will rise.  

    Feeling Seen is a timely work with a timeless message. Written on a blueprint of theory, with a road map of reconnection (including three simple stops) and a way back for when we get lost, it leads to a place where all of those who share the human race will truly see—in ourselves as well as one another—our differences, our sorrows and our joys.