• Wendy Portfors

    Remembering Love

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    Life is precious and all too often we take for granted that we have tomorrow but tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

    This is a true story. Wendy Portfors knew her life had changed in an instant when her husband suffered a stroke and the underlying cause was an inoperable tumor.
    Wendy has written from her firsthand experience. This is an intimate and brutally honest account of her journey through her husband's diagnosis, to Caregiver and ultimately to being widowed. After losing her husband of 38 years Wendy's world spiraled out of control. She bears her soul into her struggle to overcome loneliness, isolation, feelings of abandonment and the darkness of depression. It captures the heartbreak of loss and Wendy's slow and painful journey from unimaginable grief to healing.

    We will all experience loss in our lifetime. Wendy shares her insights from her personal experience aimed to help others navigate through loss to healing. Whether you are a Caregiver, grieving a loss or supporting a grieving person this book is for you. Wendy's hope is that by reading 'Remembering Love' you will find strength, understanding and compassion for life's passages.