• Lorraine M. Hobbs

    The Self-Compassion Workbook for Kids

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    Fun, engaging, hands-on activities to help kids ages 5-9 be kind to themselves and others, and build the emotional strength and resilience needed to thrive!

    Children today face many challenges; and if you are a parent, teacher, or a professional working with kids, you may be seeking answers on how to help children thrive in a world filled with uncertainty, adversity, and the detrimental effects of social media and screen time overload. There are tools you can use to help kids build confidence and resilience, and cope effectively with difficult situations. This workbook is packed with a variety of hands-on practices to help children thrive—with kindness toward themselves and others.

    In this fun and engaging workbook, the cofounder of the Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens (MSC-T) program offers essential self-compassion and mindfulness skills to help kids build emotional strength and resilience. Kids will find simple, age-appropriate practices based in loving-kindness and gratitude to self-soothe, reduce stress, and respond to their own emotional needs. They’ll also learn to make kindness their “superpower,” quiet their inner bully, and protect and befriend themselves.

    Activities in the book are designed to facilitate experiential learning, and include:

    • Mindfulness meditations
    • Reflective journaling
    • Hands-on mindful movement activities
    • Arts and crafts activities

    Self-compassion and emotional resilience are cornerstones of mental health, and research shows that teaching these skills to children when they are young can have lasting, positive effects—well into adulthood. With this workbook as a guide, kids will learn to be a better friend to themselves and others, and thrive in a stress-filled world.