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    Evalina's Egg

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    “It’s hard work, but this egg needs me, so I can do it!"

    Evalina's Egg is a beautifully written story, with charming illustrations, of a selfless, caring, young mouse who gives her all to take in an orphaned egg and lovingly care for it, in spite of risks and struggles for herself. When her community comes around her to support her, she is enveloped in the same care as she gives her egg, and the task becomes much more do-able. This story of love, community, and sacrifice teaches us about the value of caring for one another in our need and is sure to appeal to anyone who has ever depended on someone bigger and stronger than them.

    Families of all shapes and sizes, biological, adoptive, foster, etc., and the communities that surround them will appreciate this sweet story of what it means to risk and sacrifice yourself for someone you love, and to find yourself rewarded on the other side.