• Camilla Tracy

    Of Threads and Oceans

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    n exceptional life leads to extraordinary challenges. Especially with a tiger, dog, and snake.

    In a world of ancient secrets and mystical powers, Thali, a famed merchant's daughter conceals her true identity. After her brother's sudden death, Thali must stay safe and navigate a new school and unfamiliar faces. As she struggles with whom to trust, strange things start to happen around her, and the animals refuse to be ignored as she's tempted by the draw of her own magic.

    Every day threatens to expose her secrets as she's torn between embracing her magic and remaining in the shadows. Especially when she meets a mysterious boy who is a match for her in all forms. With her friends, magic, and identity at stake, Thali must confront the truth she has been avoiding.

    As Thali battles her inner demons and the mysteries of an ancient world unravel around her, will Thali embrace her true self and harness her magic's potential, or will she succumb to the evil dangers that lie ahead?