• Camilla Tracy

    Of Flowers and Cyclones

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    Friends or foes?

    School has always been a safe place, but it becomes impossible to ignore the animal attacks outside the city. Thali races to figure out what is going on and whether the people involved are trying to help or hurt. She worries for the safety of her friends and family and preserving her life and community as she knows it.

    Keeping her head down, Thali is being pulled in multiple directions as she searches for what she unleashed on Star Island, struggles to find choice in fate, and tries to deny the powerful forces pushing her to the forefront.

    Everything is changing as Thali is thrust into the secret court of thieves, gains the attentions of the crown prince, and deals with a strange but skilled new classmate.

    Will she be able to stop the magical problems and animal attacks before her world is forever changed?