• Camilla Tracy

    Of Blood and Tides

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    Will Thali step into her destiny?

    Thali’s life isn’t going the way she thought it would. She’s barely managing her last year of school, struggles as she learns what being royal will mean, and fights to keep what choices she can. The animal attacks are getting worse and she’s no closer to finding out who’s behind it all.

    Evil forces move closer as expectations start to box her in. Thali wants to savor the last bit of her freedom before marrying into her fate and giving up the life she’d always imagined, but she may not even have the chance.

    More mythical creatures step into her life and she’s reminded of a prophecy she very much wanted to ignore. Now, her kingdom and freedom are at stake as she tries to decide what she can live with and how to say goodbye to the things she thought she was destined for.

    Will she be able to stay true to herself as everyone tells her who she is?