• Camilla Tracy

    Soxkendi: A Family of Dragons

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    Fate can be cruel.
    This is a standalone novel. If you've read the Threads of Magic, this is a centuries before prequel, but stands on its own as well.

    Alexius has been ignored for centuries. He’s quietly taken the blame for his sister’s death and simply tries to get by unnoticed, until his heart won’t let him ignore his mate. Will she bring him closer to his family or pull him away?

    Aexie is trying to figure out why she’s turned into a raging, angry dragon that can’t express what she wants to while not letting her anxiety control her.

    Jaxon fights to decide how best to keep the family together or if he should just give up and travel the world.

    Xerus is learning to navigate the ancient love of his life and run the kingdom he’s been brought up to rule.

    As siblings grow up, their duties to themselves clash with their responsibilities to their family and realm. Mysterious attacks force them to put the kingdom first and work together. They need to figure out who the culprit is before their entire realm falls.

    Will they come together or will they abandon their duties and watch their kingdom fall to evil?