• Camilla Tracy

    Of Spools and Billows

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    How far would you go for family?

    Thali enters the magical world of Etciel, where magic thrives as she undergoes magical training. She’s finally learning the extent of her powers, but it’s easier to be the little sister than the princess, the leader, and the savior. Will she learn enough to help her friends and kingdom?

    Her brother has always made everything easier and better for her. As she spends more time with him and the dragons in Etciel, she gets the feeling that he’s not telling her everything. She worries about her friends in Adanek, whether she’ll be powerful enough, and what her brother is hiding from her.

    In Adanek, strange magical creatures are infiltrating the city and the people. While her friends are navigating a new life at the palace, their lives are endangered as magical creatures are getting through the barrier and no one knows what to do.

    Will Thali return in time to save her kingdom, or will she only find chaos and ruin?