• Janet Melrose (CA)

    The Prairie Gardener's Go-To Guide for Perennials

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    The eighth book in the Guides for the Prairie Gardener series is all about those reliable, grounded plants you can count on: perennials.

    Perennials are those species whose stems and leaves die back to their crowns each fall, but whose roots remain alive throughout the non-growing months. They include showy flowers like peonies, poppies, lilies, clematis, and lupine, but also edibles like asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, sunchokes, and rhubarb.

    In this guide prairie gardening experts Janet Melrose and Sheryl Normandeau answer questions like

    • What are the best perennials for building biodiversity in my garden?
    • What’s the difference between species, variety, cultivar, and nativar?
    • What kinds of perennials can I grow in containers?
    • When and how do I divide plants once they’re well established?
    • How do I keep enthusiastic re-seeders from taking over?
    • Which of my perennial babies need to be brought inside for the winter?

    The pair dedicate a chapter to perennial vegetables and another to mitigating common pests and diseases. The final chapter is a perennial hall of fame, an extended list of recommended plantings for colour, native species, rock gardens, ground cover, fragrance, spring champions, and all-season displays. Janet and Sheryl give you the information you need to make your perennial garden as successful as you can while promoting biodiversity and creating a healthy habitat for pollinators and wildlife.