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    Discovering Optimal

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    Recharge your life and realize your potential with an introspective approach to holistic health.

    So many of us are stumbling through life, lacking purpose, motivation, and fulfillment. What we don't lack is a desire to change, but we're stuck in a vicious cycle of burnout: pushing ourselves too hard to meet unrealistic demands and standards until we're too tired to do what's needed to improve our lives, and too overwhelmed to know where to begin. To cope, we find ourselves falling into patterns of behavior that may eventually put us on a path toward chronic illness and disease. But it's possible to reverse course.

    In Discovering Optimal, Joseph Gibbons, a professor in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management, and an accredited mental health first aid instructor and practitioner, takes us on his own eye-opening journey from total emotional and physical collapse to optimal health and wellness. Bringing together ancient wisdom as well as the latest scientific findings, Gibbons helps you to uncover your unique blueprint for mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. This whole-body approach will show you how to rewire your psychology and physiology, take a proactive approach to energy management, and break the burnout cycle for good.

    Using this book, you'll
    - identify the obstacles impeding your access to more energy, better immunity, increased happiness, and deeper fulfillment in life - expose the "root" cause of your issues - discover strategies that are scientifically proven to enhance your overall wellbeing and outlook - curate a personalized optimization plan that allows you to grow and evolve daily With self-reflective exercises and strategies designed to support realigning your health priorities, Discovering Optimal provides you with the building blocks to revitalize your mind and body, and to live the life you've always wanted.

    "You hold in your hands a book that has the capacity to help you radically awaken to the healthiest version of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self."
    - Karissa Kouchis, Director, Unleash Her Power Within

    "A useful manual for individuals attempting to make changes and optimize their lives."
    - Erica Swenson Danowitz, Library Journal