• Caitlin Bangsund

    Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days

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    Meet Macey, a special girl with zest for life. Her brain might work a little differently but when life hands her lemons, she makes LEMONADE!

    ...and she'll happily share it with you! Despite her disabilities and the health issues she's faced, Macey knows how to find the silver lining.

    The fact is that growing up can be difficult for all young ones. No matter how hard things get, Macey uses the 
    power of positivity to turn things around and upside down - and she'll show you and your child how!

    This book starts conversations about:
    • Living in the moment
    • Resilience and positivity
    • Perseverance and inclusion
    • Acceptance and empathy
    • Taking time to recharge
    • Kindness and the magic of “a zippity-zap of zest!”

    If Macey can make today the best day ever so can YOU.