• Linda K. Hopkins

    Claimed by the Dark

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    He’s welcomed the darkness she desperately wants to escape.

    Lark believed escaping the Drameara’s clutches would end her nightmare, but nothing – not even his death – can break the hold he has on her. She knows she’ll never be free. He haunts her every move.

    But he’s not the only threat she must contend with…

    Something darker lurks. It’s only a matter of time before Vengeance makes its presence known and claims her as his own.

    Nothing she says or does will prevent that from happening. Until then, she must gather her wits, summon her inner warrior, and prepare for battle.

    Lark has faced evil forces before and triumphed. Can she summon the courage again to conquer her fears, find the truth, and walk the path fate has laid out for her?