• J.J. Reichenbach

    Insatiable Nix: Book Three

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    Demonic possession...from the demon's point of view. Dark horror for the twisted mind.

    In this explosive finale to the Nix Trilogy, a demon named Nix and her hunter allies confront their toughest adversaries yet. Faced with the looming threat of the Order of the Ram’s ascension to ultimate power, Nix must join forces with friends and enemies alike to have any hope of bringing them down.

    But battling a supernatural army is harder than Nix expected. Her allies despise her, and mistrust runs rampant through the ranks. Then there’s the problem of her host body’s insatiable cravings. The hunger crept in slowly, as an ache in the pit of her host’s belly. Like most annoyances, Nix ignored it until it spiraled out of control. One minute she was fantasizing about revenge against her oldest archdemon foes, and the next she found herself with a mouthful of human flesh and little recall of how the pizza boy’s throat ended up between her teeth.

    Can Nix keep this unholy alliance together long enough to save the world? Or will the Order of the Ram unleash hell on earth?

    Note: This book contains graphic violence. Reader discretion advised.