• Elizabeth Leanne

    Soaring With Burnt Wings: Lessons in Love, Life, Laughter and Surviving Unimaginable Loss

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    When Elizabeth Leanne found herself widowed before the age of 30, she truly did not believe she would survive, didn’t want to survive in a world without Cam, her Junior High best friend. Soaring On Burnt Wings is an incredible memoir, which allows an intimate glimpse into their relationship long before the word cancer was ever uttered, how they proactively approached Cam’s diagnosis, and a raw witness to the devastation losing him caused. Ultimately, it is a story of surviving against all odds, learning to fly in the darkest of moments and an absolute inspiration to anyone faced with loss of another, or almost more devastatingly, loss of themselves. Written to process her grief and solidify a love not even death could conquer, it quickly became apparent that while a tribute to their love, the lessons learned needed to be shared in order to offer others hope and a road map to navigate the unchartered waters of grief.