• Steve Lloyd

    THE GAME IS HARD ENOUGH: a guide for performance sports parents

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    Your relationship with, and guidance for, your child is paramount. What do you really want for your child as they pursue sport? It’s not an easy question to answer, or a smooth trail to traverse. Staying correctly orientated requires a map, an accurate compass, and a guide to help you. The Game Is Hard Enough can help you find and adhere to that “True North” of helping your child become the best version of themselves.

    This book is a guide to assist you in encouraging, equipping, and empowering your child to work through the challenges of sport, and of life, in a purposeful, proactive, and authentic manner. It examines the practices that we use with our children and compels us to assess how we might do better; how we might clarify and articulate our work with them as they pursue excellence in their lives; and how we might all find greater joy in the journey.