• Nikki Sitch

    Daisy's Adventures in Love

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    Daisy's Adventures in Love picks up where Love, Lust & WTF left off. Daisy's finally found her match. Or has she? Is Brad really the one?


    Experience Daisy's adventures, diving into love, family and fun. Daisy's heart is on fire, for her girls, for Brad and for his kids. But as Daisy's family potentially grows bigger, new unsettling-even terrifying-challenges arise. When you love more, you have more to lose. To triumph, Daisy must dive deeper into not only love, but diversity, acceptance and the true meaning of motherhood.


    Opportunities for growth abound. Kids growing and changing like crazy, love is anything but smooth and simple. Daisy's gal pal chats bring her back to the crazy world of dating, a time she wants to avoid like the plague. Thank goodness for Brad!