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    Choosing Fulfillment Is Scary AF

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    Get Unstuck and Change the Life You Have into the Life You Want

    Your life doesn’t look like you thought it would, and now you don’t know what to do to change it.

    It’s easy to get stuck in the suck because it’s the suck you know. You get used to the life you have, even if it’s not the life you want. You stay in that crappy relationship because you’re scared of being alone. You stay at that job that leaves you empty because you don’t know what else there is. You stay broke, you stay fat, or you stay unhappy because you don't believe it's possible to change your world.

    When you feel stuck, it is up to you to choose to change. Sara Stepa realized that, to start living the life she wanted, she needed to make a change, so she took a risk and quit her job in the middle of a global pandemic. Now, in Choosing Fulfillment Is Scary AF, Sara shares her 7-step framework to help you make the decision to change your life easier.

    Choosing Fulfillment Is Scary AF will help you:

    • Address what’s holding you back from choosing to change,
    • Trust yourself so you make the best decision for you,
    • Navigate the emotions that make big changes feel impossible,
    • Overcome your fear of the unknown, and
    • Start living the life you want.

    Life is too short to live your life for everyone else around you. It’s time to start choosing you.