• Sabrina Blackburry

    Dirty Lying Dragons

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    From the author of Dirty Lying Faeries comes a new installment in the Enchanted Fates series, where a young witch finds herself on the run for her life...and in the company of a centuries-old dragon who may or may not be able to help save her.

    Dani has never been able to use her magic. She feels like half a witch. Without the protection of a coven, she’s lost, and is being hunted by a pack of very aggressive werewolves intent on claiming her for a powerful vampire’s “collection.”

    When the pack finds her one night, Dani races to the top of her apartment building and chalks a circle on the roof, but her spell mistakenly lands her in the hot spring of a centuries old dragon, Ryker. As this odd pair grows closer, the shapeshifter Ryker soon discovers the secret Dani harbors, and it turns his world upside down.

    When she’s captured, it’s up to Ryker to come to her aid—and their relationship will rock the supernatural world in ways neither expected, because when the truth about Dani comes out, everything changes.