• Kim Nadon

    Embracing My Cursed Life: From Hopelessness to Happiness

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    On Monday, September 25, 2000, three weeks into her grade ten year, Kim Nadon (née Karran) woke up to see two strangers standing beside her.

    But they weren’t strangers. Kim was looking at her mother and older brother, who had been trying multiple times to wake her for school. Somehow, at some point during the night, Kim’s brain reset itself. An otherwise healthy, vibrant, and talented girl, Kim was taken to the hospital by her mother and brother. After days of tests and interviews, doctors revealed that Kim had had an epileptic seizure. Her life would never be the same.

    In the past twenty-two years, Kim has learned to live with epilepsy as well as numerous other health struggles that have surfaced. She has received much help and inspiration from her medical advisors, friends, family members, and the spirits of ancestors who have passed on.

    Now, after hitting rock bottom and finding additional help through a program offered at her local library, Kim is telling the story of her struggles to come to terms with what she calls her cursed life in hopes that she can inspire others.