• Pamela Hayes

    It Is What It Is: One Woman's Wanderings and Wonderings

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    Life is bittersweet ... for us all. Our lives, in the same manner as a race, have a beginning and an end. As I write, and as you read, we’re all somewhere in between those two points. Like the “hare,” some of us with our need for speed are motivated by the finish line as we plow our way through in a frenzied attempt to “win!" Others, like the tortoise, take it slow and stop to rest and contemplate along the way, confident they’ll reach their journey’s end eventually.

    When the world came to a screeching halt in March 2020, many of us looked for creative ways in which to fill our time and minds so as not to be totally undone by all the unknowns. Having had recently retired, I used my newly found freedom, simultaneously bound by COVID-19 restrictions, to do some long overdue reading, which inspired my own thoughts on many matters and resulted in me putting pen to paper. And so for me, these past few months have become a time of recollection, reflection, and soul-searching. As I’ve journeyed back through many chapters of my life, I have been struck by the significant impact that individual people and events have had on me. In doing so, I experienced happiness, pleasure, and pain.

    “We are all in this together” from start to finish and along the way, we share experiences common to humankind. It’s in the sharing that we find community, understanding, forgiveness, courage, hope, and joy.