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    Dave Simpson is a ruthless portfolio manager in a large Chicago investment firm. He has been successful by stepping on anyone who gets in his way. Now his life is falling apart; debts piling up, in danger of losing his job, and wife has filed for divorce. One ray of hope. His rich, eccentric uncle has died. The uncle has always viewed Dave as a selfish, shallow individual lacking in even the most basic humanities. He is reluctant to leave Dave a penny but has drafted an elaborate will making Dave the potential benefactor of his estate. Dave has been given a cheque for 25 million dollars and must find a way to cash it in a small Montana town before it expires. Seems like simple task, but the uncle has left a series of traps. Dave finds himself facing a red neck Sherriff intent on breaking Dave both physically and mentally. His only hope seems to rest with Jake, a gentle Border Collie. Jake offers him support and a chance to win the inheritance as well as true love, in the middle of Montana.