• Shaelyn Case

    Painted on the Wall: The Partner Assignment (Book 2)

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    The Partner Assignment will provide you with your best-suited match, not your soulmate.

    As our journey continues, we are forced to navigate dangerous uncharted territory in Oxbow City. William Inch, my assigned partner, has become my devoted ally and yet our views of the ideologies enforced by the City Council vary greatly.

    The lies are piling up and my cover stories are wearing thin.

    Rebellious Outsiders within the city jeopardize the social order and safety of citizens, and radical Outsiders beyond the wall leave threatening messages forewarning their unnerving agenda. Emotions run high as we are faced with supernatural, political, and moral ultimatums that neither of us can survive without the other. As the Dwarf Kid's unofficial secret keeper, I am trapped in the Partner Assignment system with him for better or for worse.

    Can our faith in The Partner Assignment continue to protect us as we uncover the mysteries behind both sides of the wall?

    Trigger Warnings: Violence, references to rape, and coarse language. I recommend this book to a 14+ audience and reader discretion is advised.

    Be sure to read One Side of the Wall: The Partner Assignment (Book 1) first!