• Sally McRae

    CHOOSE STRONG : The Choice That Changes Everything

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    Known worldwide for her mental fortitude, hardcore training tactics, and an ability to push through extreme discomfort, pro athlete Sally McRae's strength wasn't built in the gym. For the first time, McRae candidly tells her shocking story of abuse, loss, and wild resilience that laid the foundation for the woman she is today. 

    In this powerful memoir, Sally bypasses the often loud sea of motivational quotes and hyped ideas about what it means to be strong and cuts right to the core of every human with her gentle, yet firm reminders that we are ALL strong! 

    Honest, relatable, and raw, every reader will connect with Sally's story and see how they too can overcome even the most difficult situations in life and sport. Choose Strong is a story for everyone from every age and walk of life looking to live their strongest life.